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This year at SXSW I was either involved in or overheard the same conversation several times.

Person A: So where do you work now?
Person B: Just started a new job at Company X.
Person A: Ah, man, you should have told me you were looking. 
          I'd love to work with you.

Somehow, despite all of our constant communication and over-sharing on Twitter, we still like to avoid "serious" conversations about jobs, salaries and what it would take to get your friend/buddy/idol to work with you. So, to scratch this itch, Josh Pyles and I spent the last weekend putting together

The site is very simple. Go to the homepage, enter your twitter username and see if anyone has expressed interest in working with you. If they have and you're looking for a new gig, it's up to you two to figure it out.


Who WouldHire @pixelmatrix

Finally, if you're looking to let someone know that you're interested, simply login (using Twitter) and add some Twitter usernames to your "dream team."

WouldHire Admin

Pretty cool, eh? Please check it out, email me your ideas/comments and hopefully this will help someone, somewhere end up with their dream job.