Award-Winning Fjords Thomas Reynolds

Branching Out, Opening Up and Publishing More

It's been 2 years and 1 month since I started writing seriously here. I've enjoyed it very much, but I've also focused almost exclusively on technical articles and the promotion of my own open source software. While I am proud of these articles, it can get a bit dry, can't it?

Over the same time span, I've watched Marco Arment slowly branch out from a similarly technical (or Apple news focused) blog. These days his blog has a few personal stories, lots of quick links & quotes, his thoughts on the current news articles and longer researched posts.

That has inspired me a lot. I often get discouraged when I discover I am not the first person to do or write about something. If a topic or thought is in Google, why should I repeat the common opinion? But you know what? This is my site. It is (and will be) a catalog of my opinions, work and thoughts. So from now on, this blog becomes personal. Expect a lot more one-line posts linking to other sites. Expect some off-topic posts about things I love, like mixing cocktails or Crossfit. Expect my, probably redundant, voice echoing the thoughts of the day. Don't expect comments, I'll probably turn those off on everything expect open source projects I need to do support for. Expect a more personal voice.

See you soon,

-Thomas Reynolds