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Trigger CSS3 Animations with jQuery

Did you know that jQuery 1.4.3 added a system for adding custom css attributes? For example, any normal style can be applied like so:

$(elem).css({ background: 'red' })

But what about more complicated styles? Complicated polyfills and vendor-prefixed styles? What if you could add a custom handler for border-radius? It's pretty simple and I'll show you a strawman example.

$.cssHooks['pirateBackground'] = {
  get: function(elem, computed, extra) {
    return "yaarrr";
  set: function(elem, value) { = value + " url(pirates.png)";

$(elem).css({ pirateBackground: 'red' });
// elem now has a red background and the pirates.png pattern

$(elem).css('pirateBackground') == "yaarrr"

Included in David DeSandro's excellent Isotope library are csshooks for CSS3 scale and translate. These hooks correctly use the fast 3d-transforms if available. I've included the full implementation below, but the important part is that you can include the following gist and use it like this:

// Double the size using CSS3 transform scale 
$(elem).css({ scale: [2] })

// Move the element 100px right and 200px down
$(elem).css({ translate: [ 100, 200 ] })


$('.2x').click(function() {
  $('.square').css({ scale: [2] })

$('.1x').click(function() {
  $('.square').css({ scale: [1] })

$('.right').click(function() {
  $('.square').css({ translate: [150, 0] })

$('.left').click(function() {
  $('.square').css({ translate: [25, 0] })

Full Implementation