Award-Winning Fjords Thomas Reynolds

Kindle Dots

I used to tear through several books at a time. I'd collect and organize as many as I could get my hands on and keep them in as pristine condition as possible.

My dad loved comics and sci-fi, so I started there. Then, I became interested in pop-science biology and cosmology. In school, I studied computer science and comparative religion. At some point after college, I exhausted the genres I was interested in.

Not having something to read was frustrating, but nothing I picked up would hold my interest. Eventually, I got tired of lugging dozens of boxes of books around and sold them all back to Amazon.

Last Christmas, I got a 3rd generation Kindle from my wife. Suddenly my library was infinite and accessible anywhere. I started reading the Song of Ice and Fire books in preparation for the HBO series and discovered something rather amazing about the Kindle. Because the Kindle allows different font face and size settings, it does keep a page count, rather it shows your relative position in the book with highlighted dots. This means the 1200 page fantasy novel that I would have found daunting and awkward to carry around is suddenly small and portable. The mental weight of all those pages was reduced to "do I want to read the next page."

I read a lot of long books this year, mostly fantasy, some sci-fi and some steampunk. I decided to check Amazon for the actual printed page lengths of these books.

Title Pages
A Storm of Swords 1216
A Feast for Crows 784
A Dance with Dragons 1040
The Windup Girl 300
The Half-Made World 480
The Magicians 416
The Magician King 416
The Black Company 320
Shadows Linger 319
The White Rose 320
The Name of the Wind 672
The Dresden Files: Storm Front 384
Old Man's War 320
Wise Man's Fear 993
The Hunger Games 384
Catching Fire 391