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Middleman 3.0 Beta 2

What is Middleman?

Middleman is a small tool for developing stand-alone, static websites. It's great for separating frontend development from the backend, developing blazingly fast static websites or quickly creating prototypes. Middleman brings all of the power of Rails to provide an incredibly powerful development environment with access to:

Install the Beta

Before getting in to all the new features, here's how you can install the beta:

gem install middleman --pre

Remember: This is a beta and there are bound to be bugs and possible regressions. 3.0 should be fully backwards compatible with 2.x. Please submit any issues you run into on the Github issue tracker.

New Features Since Beta 1

Read about the other 3.0 features, discussed in the Beta 1 announcement.

First, and foremost, I want to recognize the incredible contributions Ben Hollis has made to Middleman in the past 6 months. He's been writing tons code, including some of the features below, as well as managing the community and helping keep me some making stupid errors by commenting on my commits. He's also refactoring the middleman-blog extension, which will be 3.0-compatible very soon.

So, here are some new features: